What to Expect:  Before, During and After

Before Buying From Ounce:
1.  Ask questions!  (click here for some suggested questions)
Review Ounce Cattery Code of Ethics
Review Purchase Agreement
4.  Review Health Guarantee

Code of Ethics
I have voluntarily signed and live to uphold the TIBCS and TICA Cat Breeder Code of Ethics.

To review the TICA Code of Ethics,
click here and to review the TIBCS Code of Ethics, click here.

All kittens require a $250 deposit

  Pet      $1,200 and up
  Show   $2,500 and up

All prices include:   

Up-to-Date Vaccinations
Ounce Cattery will provide up to date vaccinations along with documented health records for each kitten sold.  See Health Agreement below for details of immunizations.

TICA Registration
Ounce Cattery acknowledges The International Cat Association (TICA) as our cat registry.  To learn more about TICA and registrations, click here.

Registration papers are held for pet kitten purchases until proof of spay/neuter unless spay/neuter is included in selling price.  Read more under Spay/Neuter section below.

Health Agreement
Ounce Cattery will ensure kittens start off right by following a health routine with age appropriate vaccinations following American Association of Feline Practitioners guidelines, but it is up to you to maintain it! 

First 8 weeks 

  • Full examination of kitten and external check for parasites by breeder
  • At week 5 1/2 to week 8 de-worm kittens for roundworms.
  • Administer FVRCP vaccine (to provide protective immunity against feline rhinotracheitis and feline calicivirus).

10-12 weeks

  • 2nd FVRCP vaccine
  • 2nd deworm for roundworms
  • Microchip

13+ weeks

  • Vet Health Check (owner)
  • Spay/Neuter (owner)

Ounce Cattery's believes administering any vaccines earlier than 8 weeks may be suppressed by the kitten’s immune system, since its mother's milk would provide modified live is not recommended.

Ounce Cattery recommends you have a candid conversation with your veterinarian about the FIP and FeLV vaccines as Ounce Cattery does not recommend giving your kitten either vaccination. 

Written Health Guarantee
Ounce Cattery purchase contract includes a written health guarantee.  Read more under Contracts section below.

Deposit Agreement to hold kitten for purchase,
click here.

We encourage deposits to be made on kittens so that the kittens are reserved especially for you.  With an executed Deposit Agreement the kitten is "taken off the market" meaning we will NOT sell this kitten to anyone else.  Therefore, all "deposits" or "partial payments" to hold kittens are non-refundable.

Purchase Agreement for kitten purchase, click here.

Pedigree Paper
Ounce provides a pedigree report for each kitten sold. 

Ounce Cattery microchips each kitten before home placement. For more information about the product our vet uses, visit:   www.petlink.net.

Kitten's Favorite Toy, Instinct Food Sample and Kitten Feeding Kit.

Additional Charges:

Ounce Cattery prefers to have your kitten spayed or neutered before home placement so for an additional charge, we can coordinate the spay/neutering of your kitten.  Let's discuss Early Spay/Neuter (ESN) during your appointment.

Ounce Cattery meets and coordinates pick-up/delivery for all kitten purchases.  Let's discuss delivery/shipping during your cattery visit.  

Picking Up Kitten From Ounce

Ounce Kitten Release:

  • After 12 weeks of age
  • Spay or neutered (depending on agreement)
  • Healthy with no visible signs of illness (see examine your kitten)
  • Executed Contract/Purchase Agreement
  • Microchipped
  • Up to date shots/dewormer
  • Payment in Full
  • TICA registration paperwork (if spayed/neutered) or ability to prove TICA registration via a copy)

Please prepare for 60 minutes mimimum at kitten pickup to review contract, vaccinations and do the kitten check. 

Bringing Your Kitten Home
It is essential that your kitten live in an adequate living environment with access to fresh air, food and water.  In addition, necessary veterinarian care, grooming and human attention are tenets for a happy cat!

Ounce Cattery in 2013 altered our feeding program to a 100% grain-free and gluten-free diet.

According to catinfo.org, cats need animal based protein diet as they are obligate (strict) carnivores.  What does that mean?  It means that cats "get their nutritional needs met by the consumption of a large amount of animal based proteins (meat/organs) and derives much less nutritional support from plant based proteins.  It also means that cats lack specific metabolic (enzymatic) pathways and cannot utilize plant proteins as efficiently as animal proteins."

At Ounce, we feed
Instinct can (chicken, lamb, duck, beef, rabbit, venison) and raw (chicken hearts and gizzards) to provide necessary taurine for healthy heart and eyes.  We occassionally supplement in the evenings with Instinct kibble (chicken, duck, rabbit and salmon)   

The day begins with cats receiving a can of Instinct wet food supplemented with vitamins, calcium and taurine.   I alternate daily the flavors, which has assured the cats finish all wet food within an hour.  With the wet food, the cats receive 4-6 raw chicken hearts each and a few chicken gizzards.  

Early evening, Instinct kibble is put down for snacking. 

It is very important that you keep your kitten on the same food as we have been feeding here, to avoid stomach or intestinal upset. 

To assist you, a two week sample will be provided at pick-up.  If you decide to switch to your own brand of cat food, mix the sample with new brand slowly over the course of a week.

Clean fresh water should always be available. 

If necessary, your kitten has received a nail trimming.  We reward them with wet food after the process to make it feel more like a "spa treatment".  Nail clippers work, although clippers are available at PetSmart.  Trim every two weeks when they are young, then every three months when they turn 8 months.  To trim nails, trim the sharp point off and stay away from the red blood area (or the bleeding will begin).

We also recommend multiple scratching posts in your household to protect your furniture.  Cardboard or old carpet remnants work very well.  Cat condos are also available with scratchers built into their design.

Tabitha Playing with Onyx