Available Bengal Kittens

Kitten Placement
Placing our bengal kittens is the most important part of my job as a bengal breeder. 

Our Role
Ounce Cattery takes our role as a bengal breeder seriously, not just to ensure you get a lifetime pet that you will love, but to ensure our bengal kittens get placed with a family who will love and care for them.  

We are committed to ensuring we find great homes for our bengal kittens before starting the process of new litters. 

For this reason, we strongly encourage you to use the waiting list process to be notified when new litters are expected. 

Your Role
After perusing the bengal kitten photographs to the right, please visit our Before Buying From Ounce page to review the purchase agreement, breeder code of ethics and important questions you should be asking!

Planned Breedings

Wes Ailbe           
Litter due April 2014
We found our gorgeous male to breed Ailbe with. My dear friend Robyn has allowed me to use Rosettea Top Wesselton of Solana Ranch.  This breeding produced four extraordinary brown spotted bengals:  

Ounce Acorn
SBT 050814 001
Brown Spotted Bengal

Ounce Hawkbit
SBT 050814 002
Brown Spotted Bengal

Ounce Violet
SBT 050814 003
Brown Spotted Bengal

Ounce Thethutinnang
SBT 050814 004
Brown Spotted Bengal

Waiting list picks are on June 12 - 14.  We are so excited to see who goes home with who!

Planned for 3Q/4Q
Another one that we can't wait to see the what this litter will bring, but know that it should bring a mix of Seal Lynx Point Spotted and Brown Spotted kittens!  Ounce Yossarian (sire) is our homegrown boy.  Lucian's son, Yossarian, is a Brown (Black) Spotted Bengal.  AND Uisce!! What do I say about my little spit fire?  Uisce is the beautiful pairing of RW QGC SimplySimes White Knight of Ounce and SolanaRanch Swooned by the Swallows.  She is a Seal Lynx Point Spotted female with a gorgeous type, great head and even better personality! 

Waiting List Open
Before placing a deposit, please take a look at Before Buying from Ounce.  If you agree to the deposit and purchase agreements, add your name to our waiting list through the form below and secure with a deposit of $250 (through Paypal or a cashier's check - Please make sure to put Bengal Kitten - Waiting List within the notes section).

Ounce Kittens (from previous litters)
Since we don't have any current kittens available, take a look at some of these kittens out of previous Ounce litters.

Brown (Black) Spotted
Ounce Tisuba (F)-Brown Spotted
Ounce Eonwe (M)-Brown Spotted

Seal Lynx Point Spotted
Ounce Nessa (F)-Seal Lynx Point Spotted
Ounce Olorin (M)-Seal Lynx Point Spotted 
Ounce Aule (M)-Seal Lynx Point Spotted

Silver (Black) Spotted
Ounce Orome (M)-Silver Spotted
Ounce Varda (F)-Silver Spotted

Of course, we are so proud of all of our kittens that all are posted out on our Ounce Facebook page located here.

Join Our Waiting List

Ounce Cattery recognizes we are one in a million bengal breeders available both continental US and internationally. 

What differentiates Ounce Cattery is our love for the breed, our committment to the safety, the integrity we bring to each and every touch point and the satisfaction of our buyers.

The largest difference is our bengals are part of our family.  They are around us every day.  Each bengal kitten is raised from birth with daily human interaction as well as animal socialization.

Because we are a small, family bengal breeder, we have limited kittens available at any given time.