Retired Studs of Ounce Cattery

 Our boy did it again! 
Lucian was awarded Best Seal Spotted Lynx Point Bengal of the Year (2011) for the Mid-Pacific Region for the second year in a row.

Introducing Lucian Chat of Ounce

Lucian is the gorgeous male of Ounce Cattery. 

Quadruple Grand Champion
Lucian = Powerful Warlock, but also the werewolf leader from the movie Underworld
Chat = French translation of cat
of Ounce = our cattery name named after the majestic snow leopard (also known as "ounce")

Lucian is a Seal Lynx Point Bengal.  His ground color is ivory with rosetted spots.  His points are all the dark seal brown.   His eyes are the richest blue you have ever seen.  He is absolutely positively gorgeous.

Lucian was born on 9/25/2008.

Parents & Pedigree
His mom/dam was Wildstyle (
SBT 021009 060) and dad/sire TGC (Triple Grand Champion) Junglebook Native Son  (SBT101603 010).

To see Lucian's pedigree,
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Lucian is extremely gentle.  He is the ultimate snuggler.  He loves to kiss everything he is snuggling with.  He enjoys
being held like a baby and can be found curled up in someone's lap.  He tolerates his stud pants, but prefers to roam the house without.  :)

In January 2010 and then again in December 2010, Lucian received a clean heart bill of health with the cardiologist reporting a normal cardiovascular examination ("No evidence for HCM present at this time.").  See current report here.

Lucian entered his very first cat show in 2009 - the Silver Cats Club Five Star Feline Face-off:  Red, White and Blue Edition Mid-Pacific Regional Show - July 3 & 4.   The very first night he CHAMPIONED winning division in every ring (except one - came in 2nd) and 5th Best All Breed Cat (Linda Kay Ashley).  Day two more success and a 7th Best Speciality Cat (Adriana Kajon). 

Lucian entered his second cat show in January 2010 - JazzyCats  - January 7 - 9.  Lucian won every division (except one - came in 2nd) and 9th All Breed Cat (Alex Chishom).   

East of Eden Cat Fanciers  - February 27 & 28.  Lucian won every division.  Lucian had multiple Best of Breeds awards.  Lucian won 2nd Best Speciality Cat (Canie Brooks) and 5th Best Spot/Point Congress (Vicki Jo Harrison).

Wine Country Cat Club - March 27 & 28.  Lucian again won every dvision and multiple Best of Breed awards.  Lucian won 2nd Best Speciality Cat (Canie Brooks) and 5th Best All Breed Cat (Linda Kay Ashley).   

Reno Silver Cats - October 29, 30 & 31. 
Lucian's fifth show was a great one!  Lucian placed Best of Color and Best of Division in all 18 rings.  He received Best of Breed in 9 rings.  He finaled in three rings:  5th Best Speciality Cat (Canie Brooks), 7th Best All Breed Cat (Don Caruthers) and 10th Best AllBreed Cat (Linda Kay Ashley).

Lucian entered his sixth cat show in November 2010 - Fog City Cat Show - November 27 & 28.  Lucian won every division/color and 6th All Breed Cat (Sandy Mattingly).  

8 Weeks Old

8 Months Old

15 Months Old

2 Years Old